We’ve Had a Bad Week

By: George Choy | Apr 19, 2019

It’s been difficult to control my food this week as I’ve travelled hundreds of miles over the last six days, and stayed in multiple hotels.

I managed to keep to a 🌱 plant-based diet, but the choices were very limited in some places.

I hadn’t exercised 💪🏻 either, as I’ve been feeling a little pain in my lower back. I’m not sure how I did it.

Sarah (who has an eating disorder) was also struggling with food choices, with me being away…as I’m her accountability partner.

I was dreading weighing myself, as I was certain I’d gained at least six pounds! I took a deep breath and stepped on the scales…

Let us know what tips you have to avoid food you’re struggling with in the Comments box below.

> > Scroll down to watch this week’s video.

You too can lose weight, build muscle and improve your health.

With Love, George & Sarah x
Personal Trainer & Nutritional Consultant

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We’ve Had a Bad Week

What a mental week. So much travelling. It’s been difficult to control our food choices.

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