How to Be Vegan If You Hate Vegetables

Here are our top 6 tips for you and your kids

By: George D Choy | Jan 3, 2019

We’ve received comments from some of our VeTribe members who hate vegetables…but they still really want to commit to the Vegan Whole Food Diet to lose weight,  improve their health and help save the planet.Want to Be Vegan but Hate Eating Vegetables

We have kids and they are fussy eaters. When we serve them something homemade and not out of a packet, they often will not even try it…and when they do, we are thanked with “Yuk!”

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What tips do you have to get more vegetables in your meals? Comment below.

With love
George & Sarah x
Vegan Personal Trainer & Nutritional Consultant

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  1. Nicola Greenstreet

    Very helpful and insightful. Thanks. I think I will try the hiding vegetables and eating more fruit to start and go from there.

    • George-D-Choy

      Hi Nicola. That sounds like a fantastic start. 👍
      Maybe also try blending a variety of canned beans like Adzuki and using them in the sauce instead of meat.

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