This Is How You’ll Know the Vegan Diet Is Working

The measurements and other things you should track to evaluate the changes in your body after beginning a Vegan Whole Food diet.

By: George D Choy | Dec 12, 2018

I felt a slight tickle in my throat coming on this week (thanks to my son). I don’t know whether you’re aware, but exercise can kick your immune system in the gut when it’s down—so this week I decided to halve the number of sets I do at the gym.

It’s difficult to hold myself back, as I always want to train hard…but if I get so sick that I can’t train at all, then I become more agitated as the days go by, as exercise is my stress reliever.

Red White and Blue Protein Fruit Salad Recipe - Vegan

I’ve been eating my Red, White and Blue: Protein Fruit Salad. In an attempt to get over my illness quicker. This recipe provides a whopping 158% of your RDI for Vitamin C; it’s a doddle to make and only takes 3 minutes! I’ve also added a couple more of my easy Vegan Recipes, so please check those out.

We added a new video to the Members Home Page this week: “How to Measure Your Weight Loss Progress and Set Goals.” Following these steps will give you concrete poof that the Vegan diet has improved your health and weight loss. Click the image below to watch it.

How to Measure your Weight Loss and Set Goals - VeTribe

This shows you some of the insider’s tips we have after years of Personal Training our clients. How often to weigh yourself; the downsides of only weighing; and how to set the Goal Body that you’d be happy to achieve.

What are you having for your Vegan Christmas meal? It’s only a couple of days away, but so far we’re planning to have a nut roast, with roast potatoes, carrots, and Brussel sprouts. I don’t like Christmas pudding, so my kids will be delighted to know that we’ll be having a chocolate cheesecake!

Our local gym is shut on Boxing Day…nightmare! So I’ll do a workout at home to keep to my routine, and burn off some of that cheesecake.

What are your goals? Let us know in the Comments box below.

With love
George & Sarah x
Vegan Personal Trainer & Nutritional Consultant

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