How to Prevent Bloating on a Vegan Diet

Avoid our mistakes by using these simple tips.

By: George D Choy | Dec 27, 2018

I hope you had a great Christmas. Our gym was closed the last two days, and I was so thankful to go yesterday after feeling sluggish from the Christmas meals. That reminded me…

When we started eating a Vegan Whole Food Diet we experienced a lot of bloating and embarrassing gas for the first month…which we now know could have been significantly reduced.

Shifting from animal sources of protein to plant sources, requires a shift in gut bacteria—but how can you increase the “good” bacteria in your gut?

Also, some of the beans and lentils are easier to digest than others in the beginning…but with so many varieties available, which ones should you start with?


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Let me know which beans and lentils you find easier or worse to digest in the Comments below.

With love
George & Sarah x
Vegan Personal Trainer & Nutritional Consultant


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