Glutes Workout for Women

Plus an Update on Gaining Back My Muscle

By: George D Choy | Feb 12, 2019

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I thought I’d share Sarah’s glute workout 🍑 (and abs), so you can see what she typically does. This is a women’s glutes and abs routine using machines in the gym—but it can easily be adapted to bands, ankle weights and a high step at home.Glutes Workout for Women

I’ve continually remind my PT Clients to maintain their focus on contracting their glutes (instead of the quads and hamstrings) in order to keep them targeted. The glutes are lazy, so you have to switch them on.

With practice this becomes a lot easier, and will help you get nice tight and shapely butt.

Those of you who’ve been following my last couple of videos know that I lost some weight and muscle recently…I also give an update on where I am with getting it back. 💪

> > Scroll down to watch the video.

There are so many glute exercises you can do. Which is your favourite? Let me know in the Comments box below.

With love
George & Sarah x
Vegan Personal Trainer & Nutritional Consultant


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