VeTribe is for you if you’d like to try a plant-based (vegan) diet to improve your health…and only want to spend about 15 minutes preparing your meals. And it’s especially for you if you only want to make meals that vegans who look good actually eat every day — not lots of fluffy complicated recipes to impress your friends.

Sorry to disappoint, this website is not people who want to save animals or the environment. We are only about health and fitness.

Why we started VeTribe

We have always had an interest in health and fitness. George remembers trying to copy his dad doing pushups and situps in the upstairs hallway when he was only four years old — that created the lifelong spark to exercise. It’s also one of the reasons George decided to qualify as a Personal Trainer, and Sarah as a Nutritional Consultant.

Like most people focusing on their careers…in our thirties, we exercised less and made very poor food choices. Our weight ballooned for many years. One day we looked at a photo of ourselves, saw the depressing figure on our bathroom scales and decided we’d gone too far — it was time to make a drastic change.

We cleaned up our diet and got into shape. Everyone told us we looked great.

But…our blood tests and blood pressure showed a different picture. We were sick:

George had

  • Very high blood pressure
  • Low testosterone
  • High cholesterol
  • It would take me up to a week to recover from a weights session in the gym
  • My heart would stop beating for a fraction of a second each day. I was only in my 40s and felt on the verge of having a heart attack every day. Would this one be my last?

Sarah had

  • A constant stiffness in my hand that felt like arthritis
  • Chronic constipation
  • Bad hayfever

We were big meat and dairy eaters in the past. We never thought we’d eat a vegan meal, let alone eat a completely plant-based diet. We mistakenly thought we would be protein deprived if we went vegan.

We decided to try a 100% vegan diet for 1 month to see what happened — we didn’t phase it in, as we wanted to see results fast! We did not change our exercise routine — we made sure it was the same as before.

George’s blood pressure started dropping, Sarah’s constipation and hand stiffness improved; her hay-fever mostly disappeared. So at the end of the month, we decided to continue for 2 more months and then get our blood-work tested again.

Every condition listed above vanished. George’s blood pressure dropped 4 levels, achieving “optimum” level for BP.

After this life-saving experience, we decided to share this with others. One of the biggest challenges to eating vegan food is knowing how to get started and what to eat (it’s just plants of course). Those are covered below.

Why does a Vegan diet improve your health?

In really simple terms, animal products are high in saturated fat (even the supposedly lean ones). This results in a build up of plaque every day, and eventually leads to heart disease.

This build up reduces the effective size of the pipes (or arteries) making it more difficult for your heart to pump blood around your body. With such a small hosepipe to push through the same amount of blood, your blood pressure rises. This poor blood flow, also results in less pump when you workout, and poorer recovery.

When you stop eating saturated fat, the build up stops. Plants are naturally healing, and help your body to repair the damage…your blood flow improves, so your blood pressure drops to normal.

Animal products are also inflamatory, which can lead to arthritis type symptoms and reactions like hayfever. Plants are anti-inflamatory and full of antioxidants.

Great. Let’s get started

Please note that you must take a B12 supplement daily, or you will be deficient. This is because animals are given b12 supplements, so you won’t be getting your dose from the middle-man any more — you need to get it from the source instead.

Vegan Diet Quick Start

Easy Vegan Recipes


Useful Supplements and stuff 

With love, George & Sarah Choy xxx

George Choy & Sarah Choy