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What to eat? Where to get your protein? We answer your questions.

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Sarah Choy
— Nutritional Consultant

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George D. Choy
— Personal Trainer

Watch useful videos on this site such as:

  • What Is a Vegan Whole Food Lifestyle?
  • Vegan Diet Motivation — Finding Your Why
  • How to Measure Your Weight Loss Progress and Set Goals
  • How to Prevent Bloating on a Vegan Diet
  • How to Be Vegan If You Hate Vegetables

You can also print our quick and easy Vegan recipes, download the Vegan Food Pyramid.

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5 Steps to Health — Healthier Eating Habits for a Longer Life

We can help people like you

Like many others, we’d tried a lot of diets over the years to lose weight, such as Atkins, The Zone, Juicing, Slimfast, Carb Backloading, Carb Nite, Ketogenic, Paleo, Primal and a Bodybuilding Diet. Most of them focused on the importance of meat…and we ate a lot of it.

When we decided to go Vegan we had almost nobody to turn to. We didn’t know simple things such as what to buy, what to eat, or how to cook Vegan food.

Having made some good gains in the gym, we were really concerned about not getting in enough protein, losing muscle, and also being nutritionally deficient. We had also been following a low carb diet and had major concerns about getting fat by eating large amounts of carbohydrates.

We spent a lot of time reading books, pdf downloads, and watching documentaries, but not all were worth the time, or money.

It is our hope that the VeTribe website will provide a community of love and acceptance for you, and help speed you along your Vegan journey. The content of this website will be constantly growing, with the aim to provide you with the tools to lose weight more effectively, gain muscle, or improve your health.

We’ve protected the site, as we don’t want all the content out in public. Becoming a member is completely free—this isn’t one of those free trial things, and there are no catches. Here are some of the many benefits you can expect:

  • VeTribe Members only Home page—useful information for beginners to get started on the Vegan diet, and help existing Vegans to improve.
  • Download useful Help-sheets and easy Recipes.
  • Recommends section—the Vegan products we use ourselves and recommend to our closest friends.
  • Weekly Newsletter—make sure you click the option to subscribe, otherwise you'll miss the weekly vlog and downloads we add to the site.

George & Sarah x

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